What an adventure painting furniture and decor turned out to be!

What starts as a simple - I can do that! - moment soon turns into a furvent obsession that fills one's garage, and barn and house and, and, and ... with all manner of juicy finds (I even have finished pieces in my bedroom!).

Husbands start making furniture bans - "One in one out," they'll say, but our enthusiasm is not to be curbed! No! We set to sneaking "just a few" more pieces, small enough to fit into our trucks, and into wherever we can hide them once home - it's amazing how deterined and ingenious you can be when squeeeeeezing that piece in the back of the car!

There's the Ooh and Ahh moments when you fall in love again with yet another hue of paint and invisage which piece it will look best on; only to start painting pretty much anything that is standing still with it until the "moment" passes...

And then the Ugh and Grrr moments when things don't go quite right, or not right at all!

The hours spent looking for just the right font for that chalk board... The times spent repainting the same piece (a vintage tray at the moment) because you keep making the same ridiculous mistake in your zeal to "get it done".... The Ah-ha! moments when you realize how to fix the problem... AND... the TA-Da! moment when you stand back to admire your hard work; before you insist every man and his dog comes to admire it with you because you're actually a little surpirsed you pulled it off at all!

Create with New Life Vintage 4 U is a group attahed to my FB business page: New Life Vintge 4 U. It is for all the crazy people out there in Canada, or beyond if you like, to share these moments, to encourage one another, share tips, trials and triumphs, and you may even promote the occasional piece you have for sale (one a week) to help small business creators thrive :) 

So, what are you waiting for?! 

Start sharing!

New Life Vintage 4 U proudly stocks Hokus Pokus furniture and decor transfers. Contact if you have a particular item in mind for your project; we'll do everything we can to help...

Feel free to invite fellow courteous creators to the group :)

Blessings Colleen