The Beautiful Belle has found her forever home!

 SOLD! Introducing the one-and-only "Belle!"

Once a Plain-Jane but now this cabinet is the Belle-of-the-Ball! Breathtaking china cabinet, refinished into a classic-contemporary style fit to adorn any room in your home. She's sure to be a talking point when family and friends are over. Set her in place to show off your china or your more contemporary decor, even let her organize your bathroom; her versatility is endless...

Belle is an antique cabinet and has been chalk- painted in a rich Carbon Black with a contrasting soft White interior, highlighted with Sterling Silver metallics over her damask embossing, hardware, and detailing. The embossed panels have been added to make her a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. It was as much fun making her over as it was hard work (as you will see from her original state)! To finish, her drawer has been lined with quality cotton damask linen. She is well-dressed inside and out! All parts have been refinished apart from the very underneath which is not visible from any angle, and the drawer inner sides. She has received many layers of protective clear wax.

98 x 154 x 40 cm

New Life Vintage 4 U: where tired furniture and decor receive a new lease of life.